About Stalefish

One of the more difficult aerial variations. A Stalefish is a heel-side grab with your back hand reaching around your back leg.  Not only is this an awkward grab but it is a very stylish move and as we know style is everything...  As for the name.... well it isn’t as attractive...

Tony Hawk’s tinned fish tea, which he called ‘stale fish’, a reporter misunderstood this and reported this as the name of his new trick, and it stuck.

We really like how such a great trick was named accidentally and has become the most well-known trick performed in all board sports.

Stalefish as a trademarked company was only conceived in 2009 and makes products to provide you the customer with the highest quality products at a Fantastic price.  We use high tech materials in all our performance and snow wear, ensuring all products are fair trade, which creates the first part of our ethos ‘Ride - Protect - Care’ ‘Love the Mountain, Land and Sea’.  

At Stalefish we are constantly pushing for the best products to aid performance which makes our second part of our ethos ‘Search for Perfection’.  We ensure that our products perform in the harshest conditions no matter where your travels take you, whether that s an untracked mountain or a double overhead barrel, Stalefish products will always perform.  

Setting up production we didn’t want to lose the fun factor within the brand... so as well as having Logo Branded products we also wanted to have themed products as well, which sets us apart from others.  

We hope you like our products, feel free to ask any questions and remember have fun with your clothing, express yourself, Mountain – land – Sea, Ride - Protect - Care and Search for Perfection.